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"I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for my treatment using Osteopathic Manipulation to relieve my pain without medications.  I am feeling great! I am able to do things like ride my bike again." Linda M 11/2016


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We try very hard to schedule painful patients very timely.

Please wear lightweight gym attire.

Complete all new patient forms prior to arrival (see title line above)

If you need to cancel a new patient appt. and no one is available at the office PLEASE use to notify us.

Dr. Lynne Chadfield is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Family Practice/Osteopathic Manipulation.

She treats patients of all ages with musculoskeletal complaints. 

**Our office Policies have been updated, please review 2-8-18**

**Our office will be closed Monday, March 5th- March 8th.**

We accept most major insurances.  We do not participate with Medicaid.

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"Dr. Chadfield is the best Doctor I have ever had.  Her experience and expertise far exceeds most of the Doctors I have seen in the Greater Grand Rapids area.  She listens and really tries to find solutions.  I feel she really cares about the outcome of what she prescribes.  She is a rare combination of knowledge and caring.  My condition has much improved. I would recommend her to anyone."- Connie M.


Meet the Doctor

"Several years ago I started seeing Dr. Chadfield for neuromuscular pain management with fewer corticosteroid injections.  I have referred friends and family who have struggled with intractable pain to Dr. Chadfield.  Many have remarked how unique it is to have a doctor who takes time to listen to their concerns and also provides competent evaluation and treatment." Julie V. 2/2017

"Dr. Chadfield is a very caring doctor who takes the time to know and understand her patients and always looking for solutions to help eliminate their pain.  Her office is a very peaceful, relaxing atmosphere which is difficult to find anymore. I am thankful to have found Dr. Chadfield and recommend everyone to try her techniques in dealing with pain." - Jacki B. 3-23-17

"Dr. Chadfield's care and compassion in diagnosis and treatment is remarkable, and my life has changed as a result.  I was in pain everyday.  I am no longer living in pain.  She also keenly diagnosed some issues resulting from scoliosis, and referred me to a physical therapist who actually has helped correct a spine that was more severely contorted then I had known. Remarkable!" Nicky K.  3-28-17

Osteopathic Manipulations

Patient appointments are approximately 30 minutes. New patient appointments are approximately 1 hour.

New Patients

Testimonials:"Dr. Chadfield is a true patient advocate!  My daughter was in a serious auto accident and she has made great strides because of the work Dr. Chadfield has done! "-Julie S.  9-27-16

"I believe Dr. Chadfield to be a rarity in the medical profession.  She is not only highly informative, but a compassionate caring and kind person, who does her utmost to get to the root of  a problem, rather then merely treating the symptom." Nancy B. 11/2016

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Dr. Lynne Chadfield, DO

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine

  • This office offers gentle Osteopathic Manipulation for treatment of pain.
  • The focus of this practice is to provide medical care that allows you to participate in life in the manner you desire.  Good health is maintained through a healthy lifestyle, and preventative medicine. Each individual is just that, an individual, with different needs, history, and concerns to be considered.